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examples of student’s work


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The work displayed in our online Gallery  this term features the work

of two painting students - Pauline and Jenny

Jenny joined the painting class just three years ago.  She had recently retired from teaching and had requested some painting materials as a leaving gift.  In a short while those materials were quickly used up and others purchased - once Jenny got hooked on painting, she was working hard at home in between the classes and her progress was rapid.  

This landscape in Acrylics is just  one of her many accomplished works, often inspired by holiday visits.  

Loch Shiel - Scotland

Sometimes in the art classes, students are taken through a special study for a few weeks on a particular aspect of painting.  

This might take the form of learning or relearning a technique or maybe studying how past movements in art might inspire and help develop greater skill and understanding.

Earlier in the year a short course on Colour concentrated on the work of the Post Impressionists and the technique of Pointillism.

This then developed later by looking at Les Fauves - a group of artists 1905-1910 who worked in the main with Complementary colours for their landscapes and portraits rather than realism.

These two works by Jenny show her response to the challenge of both techniques.

Charleston USA

Pauline has been attending classes here for many years - first as a Creative Textile student pursuing her interests in fabrics and threads formally used in her professional work and developing these into contemporary Embroidery projects.

 Her enthusiasm for colour and unusual subject matter provides her with endless ideas in both the Textiles and Painting Classes.

Also interested in recording holiday experiences.   

On a recent visit, this street in Cuba with the eye catching composition of figures, especially the girl in the pink dress, immediately caught Pauline’s imagination for a painting subject.

However, a fertile creative mind can find inspiration anywhere.

Pauline’s kitchen and food preparation often features in her work as her painting of the lemon testifies.

We have been treated in the past to paintings of -

Peppers, Peas and Pears!

Her current work is the portrait of a lobster………..

‘The Lemon’ was painted as a response to the challenge of using Complementary colours of Yellow and Purple inspired by the Fauves.

The quieter, subtle colours of an atmospheric, frosty morning in the painting below proved to be an even greater challenge as Pauline was using oil paint for the first time and an unusually large format.

Congratulations to both students.

Frosty Morning - View from my Bedroom Window