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Tollers Design Centre has offered creative textile classes for the past 38 years and is now in the 10th year as a successful Micro Tuition Centre for City and Guilds Courses.  

We provide expert tuition for The Design & Craft Stitched Textiles Courses (7716) in Patchwork & Quilting and Creative Embroidery at all levels.

All courses are taught on our own premises providing students with good studio facilities - see Patchwork and Quilting  page.


All the courses at each level contain an exciting Design Unit which covers Colour - Line - Texture - Shape - Form.  These important studies form the basis for experimentation and exploration in the chosen textile craft.

Advice is given to prospective students as to the most suitable course to follow and students enter at the level most appropriate to their experience and skills.

For General Guidance -

Level 1 – a basic short course for those with little or no experience – this course is an excellent way to find out if studying for a recognised qualification is for you.  Duration - 30 hours of teaching and studio time.

Level 2, as would be expected, covers more in-depth design work and a variety of techniques taking 1- 2 years.

Finally Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma courses are more intense with a heavier workload of teaching sessions and personal working time.  Most students take 2-3 years to complete.


Depending on the level of the course the classes are held either one day every other week  or a weekend per month.

TIMES:      Day  10 am - 4.30pm

FEES:   Vary depending on the Course and Level but as a guide to prospective students - an average hourly rate is £6 - £10  and a day is usually £40.  An additional Registration Fee is payable to City & Guilds and at the end of the course, a Certification Fee is required.


We firmly believe that the best way to learn is in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. At Tollers Design Centre we aim to provide this whether you come as a complete beginner with some apprehensions or you are already confident and experienced in your craft - all levels are catered for within the class. Over the many years we have found that this arrangement works extremely well and almost on a daily basis an advanced student will re - learn something from a beginner, and newcomers will be inspired by seeing major pieces of advanced textile art. Working as an individual within a lively group brings many benefits.

There are no entry requirements for the courses except a real interest in the wonderful world of textiles and a personal commitment to the time involved. The challenge of these internationally recognised qualifications is well worth the effort. Students travel from Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London to attend our courses.

Level 1  is a 30 hour ‘taster’ course which can be fitted into the timetable to suit the student -usually 8 one day classes or 4 weekends.

Levels 2 & Level 3 applications for the October 2018 intake are now open.

 Applications for Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 Certificate and Diploma Courses for 2019 are now open for Patchwork & Quilting and Creative Embroidery.

Closing Date - 1 September 2018 for the next courses beginning in October 2018  and I December for  the  January 2019 courses.

More details can be found on the Patchwork & Quilting Page or Creative Textiles Page for the Embroidery course.



You may have heard by word of mouth or in the press that City & Guilds are ceasing to offer the excellent Design & Craft Awards from May 2017.

They have now decided to reopen registrations for these courses until June 2019  - TOLLERS DESIGN CENTRE will continue to accept students up to this new ‘cut off’ date and hopefully beyond.


design & craft stitched textiles

patchwork & quilting - creative embroidery

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Prospective students can always email or telephone us with their enquiries, or on request, we will send you a detailed PDF by email.